Christmas Eve 2016
2016 Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve 2016

Download for Tom Tack's Memorial Service. You can right click on the link below and save the file to your computer. This file is all the photos, and could take a while to download. Right Click & Download Zip file

2015 Christmas Eve
Chrstmas Eve - large photos
Chrstmas Eve - smaller photos

Jen and Aaron's Wedding
"Best Of" photo album

Jen and Aaron's Wedding
"all 500 pictures" photo album

Christmas Eve 2012
Christmas Eve photo album

Mom, Janet and Juana in London
Only 278 of the 820 London Trip Photos

Mom, Janet and Juana in London -all photos
All 820 London Trip Photos
Note: It may take a few minutes to load all photos based on your connection speed

Work Trip to Porto Alegre, Brazil May/June 2012
Jeff's Pictures
Brazil photos from my blackberry

Adam's Pictures
Brazil trip pictures from Adam

Andrea's photos from Brazil and Argentina
Andrea's Photos

Derek's Photos
Derek's Photos

More of Derek's Photos from Brazil
More of Derek's Photos

Sarah's (a.k.a "el salad bar destroyer") Brazil photos
Sarah's Photos

The Tack Wedding Dec 10th 2011
Tack Wedding Photos
Tack Wedding Photos (automatic slide show)

Time lapse of staining the deck Timelapse test

Andrew and Shannon's Wedding Day
Wedding and reception photos

Also, if you want to download all the photos in a big zip file so you can take them somewhere and get them printed, you can right click on the link below and save the file to your computer. Then unzip it onto a thumb drive or CD and take it to be printed. This file is quite large and will take a while to download. But the photos are high quality. Right Click & Download Zip file

Tom's Big Day

Link to original video from tomventimiglia on Vimeo.

Quoting Tom "the video I took with my phone... about 5:30-7:00 in that video was the coolest couple minutes of my life".
Highlight still pictures taken from the video
Don's Gradutation
Graduation Party Photos

Photo of my cousin Henry and a nice fish that he caught.

Moms B-Day

Mom's 80th Birthday Pictures

Sam and Melissa's Wedding Day

Wedding Photo Book

Photos from photobooth

Pics from Brazil Sept 2010

Jeff's pictures from Brazil (slideshow version)
Jeff's pictures from Brazil

Pics from Penguincon 2010
Cupcake Car & Reprap
Right click to download zip of full size originals.

House hunting
963 Charest
Timelapse test
What were they thinking?

Jeff's pics from Australia
Perth, Cottlesoe beach, and Pinjarra
Sunset and misc
Perth Zoo
Boat tour, Swan Valley Vinyards, Ferris Wheel
Week 3 in Perth
Perth Boardwalk and birds
Bats in the trees in Cairns
Mines, caves, outback in Cairns
Rainforrest tour and a croc or two
Scuba Shots of the Great barrier Reef in Cairns Australia
Right Click & Download Turtle Video

Larry's Pictures Australia 2009
Larry's Photographs

Keith's Pictures Australia 2009
Keith's pictures,

Shelene's Pictures Australia 2009
album 1
album 2
album 3

Patti's Pictures Australia 2009
City of Perth Australia, Cottlesoe beach, the zoo, and misc pics.
Petting Zoo

Other Misc Photo Albums

Photos of an interesting parking job.
The motorcyclist seems to be ok, witnesses said he was up and walking about ok after the crash.

Birthday prank, or why not to take the day off Post-it Prank

Wedding photos for Mike and Jessica February 2008

Here is a photo from my trip to Ireland in 2003. Stone Wall

Wedding photos for Scott and Diane.

Photos from Detroit Zoo. Testing the new camera...